Student Veterans Center

Established on Florida State's campus on November 11, 2011, the Student Veterans Center (SVC) acts as the hub for veteran support and success initiatives.

Florida State University takes enormous pride in the high levels of success its student veterans are achieving, which have positioned the university as a national leader for student-veteran support. In particular, the exceptionally high retention and graduation rates FSU student veterans now attain – which are significantly higher than just a few years ago – can be traced to state and university investments in veterans. By building on the benefits afforded veterans through the Florida G.I. Bill, FSU is maximizing the state’s return on this educational investment. As a result, veterans at Florida State are earning degrees and excelling into meaningful careers at substantially higher rates than the national average. Accordingly, their post-service quality of life, and contributions to their local communities, are significantly enhanced.

Veteran success at Florida State can be attributed to three broad objectives: (1) initiating, cultivating and sustaining relationships between veterans and the FSU community through the Student Veterans Center, (2) providing tangible resources and activities designed to foster these veterans’ sense of connectedness to the university, and (3) raising awareness among the university community of the student veteran experience.

Visit the Student Veterans Center website to learn more about the benefits, support, and other services provided to veterans.

Additionally, the College's Veterans Liaison, Dr. George Pesta, is also available to prospective and current students who are veterans or children of veterans.