Relgalf Scholarship For Current Police Officers

Relgalf Scholarship for Current Police Officers

What it is
The Relgalf Scholarship is a three-year educational forgiveness loan created for current police officers by the Relgalf Charitable Foundation to increase the resources for small U.S. police departments*.

How it works
Current police officers seeking a bachelor’s degree in criminology at Florida State University can have their tuition and fees paid by the Relgalf Scholarship in exchange for three years of service in a small police department as a sworn officer after graduation.

Recipients of the Relgalf Scholarship must re-pay the award if they do not join or continue work in a small police department as a sworn officer for three years following graduation.

Who is eligible to apply
Recipients of the Relgalf Scholarship must be Police Officers seeking a bachelor’s degree at FSU College of Criminology and Criminal Justice Distance Learning Program.

  • Current police officers can learn while they serve by using the scholarship for the College’s online bachelor’s degree.
  • Successful candidates for admission into the College’s online bachelor’s program must have an AA degree from a Florida community college.

How to apply
Complete the General Application and Criminology Conditional Application at  Also, send the following documents to Dana Behnke at FSU College of Criminology & Criminal Justice, 112 S. Copeland St., Tallahassee, FL 32306-1273:

  • Recommendation letter from supervisor or police chief of current police department
  • Resume
  • Transcripts or copy of certified AA degree
  • One or two page personal statement describing your experience in law enforcement, your education and career goals, why criminology and criminal justice are important to you, why you have chosen a career in law enforcement, and what challenges small police departments face.

Please note that to receive the Relgalf Scholarship you must be admitted to the FSU College of Criminology and Criminal Justice. To begin the application process visit the FSU Admissions website.

Contact: Dana Behnke at | 644-7365

The Relgalf Scholarship is endorsed by the Florida Police Chiefs Association.

* Small police departments are defined by fewer than 21 officers.