FSU’s College of Criminology and Criminal Justice is home to the nation’s number one criminology faculty in the world. Our team of experts is ranked number one in the nation for research productivity and are among the top 10 for grant acquisition, as demonstrated below. Many of our faculty are industry experts and offer extensive research on topics like gun control, biosocial criminology and social control, to name a few.

The list below contains nearly 1,000 peer-reviewed journal articles published by our faculty, many of which are co-authored with former and current graduate students. To the left is our one-of-a-kind filter box, which allows you to filter articles by topic and leverage our expertise for your personal interests and research endeavors. We hope you enjoy learning about criminology as much as we enjoy expanding the field of research.

Lastest Research

Joseph A. Schwartz, Kevin M. Beaver, and J.C. Barnes. 2015. The Association between Mental Health and Violence among a Nationally Representative Sample of College Students from the United States. PLOS ONE 10 (October):1-19
Joseph A. Schwartz and Kevin M. Beaver . 2015. Making (Up) the Grade? Estimating the Genetic and Environmental Influences of Discrepancies between Self-Reported Grades and Official GPA Scores. Journal of Youth and Adolescence 44 (April):1125-1138
Schwartz, Joseph A. and Kevin M. Beaver . 2015. A Partial Test of Moffitt’s Developmental Taxonomy: Examining the Role of Genetic Risk. Justice Quarterly 32 (September/October):768-791
Mancini, Christina, Daniel P. Mears, Eric A. Stewart, Justin Pickett, and Kevin M. Beaver. 2015. Whites’ Perceptions about Black Criminality: A Closer Look at the Contact Hypothesis. Crime and Delinquency 61 (September):996-1022
Jackson, Dylan B. and Kevin M. Beaver . 2015. The Role of Adolescent Nutrition and Physical Activity in the Prediction of Verbal Intelligence during Early Adulthood: A Genetically Informed Analysis of Twin Pairs. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 12 (January):385-401
Jackson, Dylan B. and Kevin M. Beaver . 2015. A Shared Pathway of Antisocial Risk: A Path Model of Parent and Child Effects. Journal of Criminal Justice 43 (March/April):154-163
Heylen, Ben, Lieven Pauwels, Kevin M. Beaver, and Marc Ruffinengo. 2015. Defending Biosocial Criminology: On the Discursive Style of Our Critics, the Separation of Ideology and Science, and a Biologically Informed Defense of Fundamental Values. Journal of Philosophical and Theoretical Criminology 7 (January): 83-95
Connolly, Eric J., Joseph A. Schwartz, Joseph L. Nedelec, Kevin M. Beaver, and J.C. Barnes. 2015. Different Slopes for Different Folks: Genetic Influences on Growth in Delinquent Peer Association and Delinquency during Adolescence. Journal of Youth and Adolescence 44 (July):1413-1427
Connolly, Eric J. and Kevin M. Beaver. 2015. Prenatal Caloric Intake and the Development of Academic Achievement among U.S. Children from Age 5 to 14. Child Development 86 (November/December):1738-1758
Connolly, Eric J. and Kevin M. Beaver . 2015. Guns, Gangs, and Genes: Evidence of an Underlying Genetic Influence on Gang Involvement and Carrying a Handgun. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice 13 (July):228-242
Brian B. Boutwell, J.C. Barnes, Kevin M. Beaver, Raelynn Deaton Haynes, Joseph L. Nedelec, and Chris L. Gibson . 2015. A Unified Crime Theory: The Evolutionary Taxonomy. Aggression and Violent Behavior 25 (November/December):343-353
Kevin M. Beaver, Joseph L. Nedelec, Christian da Silva Costa, and Maria Margareth Vidal . 2015. The Future of Biosocial Criminology. Criminal Justice Studies 28 (Spring):6-17
Kevin M. Beaver, Sarah Hartman, and Jay Belsky . 2015. Differential Susceptibility to Parental Sensitivity based on Early Life Temperament in the Prediction of Adolescent Affective Psychopathic Personality Traits. Criminal Justice and Behavior 42 (May):546-565
Kevin M. Beaver, J.C. Barnes, Brian B. Boutwell, and Joseph A. Schwartz . 2015. Enlisting in the Military: The Influential Role of Genetic Factors. SAGE Open 5 (April/June):1-8
Barnes, J.C., Cody Jorgensen, Kevin M. Beaver, Brian B. Boutwell, and John Paul Wright . 2015. Arrest Prevalence in a National Sample of Adults: The Role of Sex and Race/Ethnicity. American Journal of Criminal Justice 40 (September):457-465