Advising and Evaluation of Jail and Reentry Programming: A Partnership Between Florida State University and the Walton County Sheriff’s Office

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) offers multiple innovative treatment, vocation, and education programs and services for inmates of their county jail. The programs and services are intended to assist inmates in their reentry to the community. Florida State University (FSU) and WCSO have entered a partnership to ensure the programs and services are implemented with fidelity and to evaluate their effectiveness. FSU and WCSO will work collaboratively throughout the partnership to develop and validate a comprehensive model jail program that can be replicated by other jails. 

The partnership will occur in two phases. During Phase 1, FSU will advise jail staff to ensure the appropriate use and fidelity of programs and services and will provide research-based guidance on program implementation to ensure that continual monitoring and evaluation are possible. During Phase 2, FSU will evaluate the effectiveness of the jail and reentry programming and services. Of primary interest is recidivism; however, FSU will also assist WCSO in tracking a range of secondary outcomes including post-release housing, employment, and participation in community-based services, such as substance abuse and mental health treatment. 


Research Team: Dr. Thomas G. BlombergDr. Julie BrancaleDr. Jennifer Copp

For additional information please contact George Pesta or a member of the Research Team.