Juvenile Justice Research & Policy Institute

Positively impacting the life course of delinquent youth through research and evaluation.

The Juvenile Justice Research & Policy Institute examines the unique challenges of youthful crime. Through rigorous research and evaluation, the Institute’s goal is to understand the adverse life events and risk factors associated with juvenile delinquency. Through this understanding, the Institute aims to ensure that juveniles receive effective care from the juvenile justice system to prevent future delinquent and criminal behavior. The Institute has a strong partnership with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. Through this partnership, the Institute has positively impacted the lives of many delinquent youths.


  • Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Oregon Youth Authority


CO-DIRECTORS | Carter Hay, Ph.D. and Sonja E. Siennick, Ph.D.

For more information on the Juvenile Justice Research & Policy Institute contact Dr. George B. Pesta.