Jail Research & Policy Institute

Guiding data-driven policy recommendations for the fair and effective functioning of local jails.

The mission of the Jail Research & Policy Institute is to promote fair and effective policy and practice through research and evaluation. In partnership with key stakeholders, we address the many challenges facing local jails and the populations they serve. This includes research related to pretrial justice practices, racial disparities, the treatment of inmates with mental health and substance use needs, issues related to jail overcrowding, and factors contributing to jail recidivism, among other topics. In addition, we are experienced in jail population forecasting, risk assessments, and program evaluations. Jails have been largely neglected in academic research, however, the institute aims to address this gap through rigorous, policy-related research and evaluation.



DIRECTOR | Jennifer E. Copp, Ph.D. 

CO- DIRECTOR | Thomas G. Blomberg, Ph.D.

FACULTY AFFILIATE | William D. Bales, Ph.D.

For more information on the Jail Research & Policy Institute, contact Drs. Jennifer E. Copp,or George B. Pesta.